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Statewide Money is a distinguished financial institution with a nationwide presence in Australia. Established in 1998, we have a rich history in the finance industry, having approved over 80,000 loans for our diverse clientele. Our senior management team brings a wealth of experience across all facets of the finance industry, ensuring we deliver optimum results swiftly. We have fostered strong relationships with a select group of banks, financiers, credit unions, and private lenders, enabling us to provide a comprehensive range of financial solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our ethos is simple: we strive for a 100% approval rate and are committed to delivering professional service of the highest standard. We understand that borrowing money should be a straightforward process, and we aim to provide fast and easy approvals.

At Statewide Money, we have a deep understanding of the needs of self-employed applicants, whether they are contractors, new business owners, or those who have not yet completed their tax returns. We offer a seven-day service, ensuring rapid approvals for home loans, car loans, and even loans for that dream boat. Our dedicated team keeps clients informed throughout the loan application process, making it as easy and simple as possible. At Statewide Money, we are committed to making your financial goals a reality.

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At Statewide Money, we offer a diverse range of financial services tailored to meet your needs. From home and car loans to equipment and boat loans, we provide comprehensive solutions to help you achieve your financial goals. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure a seamless and efficient loan application process, delivering rapid approvals seven days a week.


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